A Balanced Body, Mind, And Soul

Balanced Bodies  was created to provide holistic individualized physical therapy services to western suburbs of Chicago. Jane Park opened Balanced Bodies to offer clients alternative options for healing and recovery. Our clients vary in age from (0 to 90+) and history (sports injury, congenital dysfunction & chronic pain). We believe that every client is unique and needs an individualized treatment plan. Every client has the potential to heal and recover when their body, mind, and soul is balanced.

Our therapists are certified in integrative manual therapy (IMT), a gentle form of manual therapy for evaluating and treating structural causes of pain. IMT is a compilation of hands on therapy designed to promote structural changes in the body to optimize the body’s own natural ability to heal. IMT techniques are gentle yet powerful in creating changes in the body. You can expect to see improvements in alignment, lymphatic drainage, decreased myofascial pain and more. Our highly experienced team of physical therapist bring a wide array of clinical background to help integrate function back into a healthy structural body.

In addition to the clinical setting, Balanced Bodies understands the importance of continuing education and therefore, maintains a relationship with the Institute of IMT by host continuing education courses for IMT practioners.

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